How to have an evaluation by Dr. Nath

Three options to get evaluated by Dr. Nath.

  • Option 1 : Evaluation in Houston office (there is a no charge for initial evaluations)
  • Option 2 : Telemedicine, submit all medical records to the office with video (if condition requires it - See below)
    • Video required for:
    • Obstetric Brachial Plexus Injury
    • Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury
    • Winged Scapula
    • Foot Drop
  • Option 3 : Satellite Clinic evaluation for in person evaluation free of charge( must bring documentation if required for condition)
    • Documentation required:
    • Winged Scapula - therapy reports, EMG
    • Tumor - MRI

    Previous medical records are recommended for all conditions for a thorough evaluation.

    **If you would like to submit a movement video for evaluation, please send an email request to


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